How Carllectibles! are created.

Carllectibles! are handmade sculptural tributes to the original designers, builders and drivers of the most awesome machines on the planet.
  • Each sculpture is hand finished with details permanently fired on to ensure lasting beauty.
  • All wheels, headlights and chrome details are meticulously finished in 24 kt white gold.
  • Each Carllectible is individually numbered as part of a limitied edition.
  • Each Carllectible is part of an Extreme Limited Edition of 50 cars or less or a Special Edition of 125 or more cars.
  • All Carllectible cars are made in the USA.
  • Most Carllectibles! are 1/16th scale or approximately 12 inches long, though the scale and size will vary depending on the model of the car.
  • Contact us for information on custom editions or customizing current editions with your club or business logo.

The original sculpture must be as close to perfect as possible because all molds will be made from it.

A plaster mold is used to cast each car.

All cars are hand sanded to perfection.

The base color is sprayed on.

Some details are painted on top of the base color. At this stage, the car is ready for the first of three firings in the kiln. The first firing reaches 2000° and takes 8-9 hours.

When the cars have cooled, they are coated in gloss glaze and fired for the second time to 1800°.

If there are no flaws at this stage, permanent fire-on decals are applied.

The car must be cleaned and handled with gloves from this stage on. A solution of 24 kt gold is brushed on for the third and final firing at 1500°.

The finished Carllectible with the decals and 24 kt gold permanently fired on.