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This is my showcase for very special creations. I start with sculptures that I have previously made molds for and take as much time as necessary to create a truly unique piece. These cars cannot be made assembly line style for many reasons. The construction may involve additional molds and intricate assembly. After construction, the parts are fired at 2000 degrees to permanently fuse them together. The graphics are hand-drawn, hand-carved, and hand-painted or air brushed on. Because of all this hand detail work, no two cars are alike. This makes each car a genuine, one-of-a-kind, handmade piece. Please e-mail or call with any questions or requests about these very special creations.

 I used the '41 Willys Pro Street mold to create the Hot Rod Willys. The hood is cut and modified before the first firing in the kiln. An engine bay insert from a second mold is attached. The engine, cast from a third mold, is the final attachment. After two firings, the 24 kt white and yellow gold is brushed on and fired to 1800 degrees. This car can be made in any color. Options such as a Pro Mod rear wing can be added for an additional charge. Please call or e-mail us at with any questions. $1500.00 + shipping and insurance.

 The Show and Go Willys was created in 2012 using molds made from 3 original clay sculptures that Joel made in 2007. The molds were then used to cast 3 clay pieces that Joel hand finished. The flame design was then gently incised (carved into the clay body) into the body before Joel assembled all the pieces. The underglaze was then sprayed or hand-brushed and fired to 2000 degrees. The piece was then coated with clear glaze and fired to 1900 degrees. The 24 karat gold in the flames, and white gold in the wheels and engine, was hand-brushed on for the final firing at 1800 degrees. Please call or e-mail us at with any questions. $3000.00 + shipping and insurance.

 The Finish Line Cobra was created in much the same way as the Show and Go Willys except that it needed a total of 7 original sculpture pieces and corresponding molds. The checkered flag design, which was also incised into the car body and subsequently glazed in black and white, was meant it invoke the visual effect of the Cobra crossing the finish line as the checkered flag is waved from above. Please call or e-mail us at with any questions. $5000.00 + shipping and insurance.