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There are many ways to become a Carllector:
  • Purchase a Carllectible! From one of our current editions.There may still be sculptures available from any of our current editions. Go to our Current Editions link for availability.
  • Purchase a Carllectible! From one of our distributors.Carllectibles! are often purchased in blocks by distributors located throughout the world. We my be out of stock but one of our distributors may still have your car. Go to our Current Editions link for local distributors.
  • Reserve a sculpture in one of our next editions.Carllectibles! editions are selected based on customer requests. You can request your favorite car and place your reservation for a sculpture. Go to our "Which Car Should We Make Next?" link. The lowest numbers are sold first so don't delay!
  • Have a single sculpture made immortalizing your dream car.The absolute most extreme limited edition is a single, one of a kind sculpture of your car. Keep in mind that an extreme limited edition will have an extreme price tag. Prices for these start at $5,000.00. This option is for those who live in Jay Leno's neighborhood. Contact Carllectibles! for more information.

Custom Carllections:
Carllectibles! would be pleased to create a special edition of any car, for you, your club or your business. We can also customize a block of cars from one of our current edition with your business name or logo. Minimum order size and prices are less than you think! Contact us for more information.